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Chiang Dao Roundhouses are on a small hill looking towards the mighty mountain, Doi Chiang Dao, the third highest in Thailand, 2188 m. (7174 ft.).   You can climb Mount Chang Dao to the top in one day (for fit people!) or take two days and spend the night on the top.  We would be happy to arrange for a guide for you.   There is a Cave at the bottom of the mountain, very near to the Roundhouses, with Buddha images and caverns and passageways.  The village around the Cave, Bahn Tham, is peaceful with friendly village people, restaurants and a number of temples.

How to Get There​



​Chiang Dao Roundhouses are in village of Bahn Tham in the Province of Chiang Dao, and 10 minutes away from the main town of Chiang Dao.   It takes an hour and a half to drive along Highway 107 from the city of Chiang Mai.  

From Bangkok one can fly (an hour), take a train (overnight) or a coach (overnight) to Chiang Mai.   From Chiang Mai a taxi from the airport will take an hour and a half, and it will take a similar length of time for a bus from Chiang Puek Bus Station in the City to Chiang Dao.   

The plane will cost about £100 return (and if you are coming to Thailand by plane, your travel agent can add this leg of the flight onto your ticket.  Tip - have your luggage booked straight through to Chiang Mai if you intend to go straight there).  The train costs about £20 return Chiang Dao to Chiang Mai. 

A taxi from Chiang Mai International Airport to Chiang Dao will cost about £30, or a bus about £1.  Taxis can be arranged to meet you at the airport, train station or pick you up at a venue in Chiang Mai.


Email me for more information.


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