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Our Property


Chiang Dao Roundhouses is set on the side of a hill overlooking the spectacular Mt Chiang Dao.  The property is about an acre of land, and there are only three Roundhouses for rent.  The Breakfast Dome, the Pavilion and the garden are all there for you to use as well as your own personal Roundhouse, porch and hammock.


There are also 3 friendly dogs and 3 cats who might very well join you in the Pavilion while you sip your tea and admire the mountain and jungle views.


This Pavilion, and the rest of the garden, is for you to use whenever you wish to do so.  Comfortable chairs make it an excellent place to relax, and you can choose to have your Breakfast here, or sit in the evening and admire the moonlight shining on Mt Chiang Dao and the stars that give the mountain its name. 



Inside a Roundhouse

This is the inside of a Roundhouse.  The round walls and domed ceiling give a feeling of spaciousness, and the natural finishes of the lime and mud plaster walls are warm and cosy.  Fully screened, you can confidently leave windows and doors open for the sights and sounds of the tropical flora and fauna.  This is a famous bird watching area, and there are books in the Breakfast Dome on the birds and plants of the area.

Breakfast Dome

The Breakfast Dome is where your delicious continental breakfast will be served, though seating is available outside on the terrace or in the Pavilion.  


The Dome is screened which makes it a pleasant place to spend an evening.


There are books to browse through, many on natural building, and games to play.  There is a refridgerator for you to use, and a you can make a cup of tea or coffee whenever you wish to do so.


This is your communal living room.

Half open-air bathroom

Half of your bathroom is open-air, allowing you to take a shower while looking at the mountains.  Trees provide privacy, and the sunshine and moonshine provide natural light.    Part of the bathroom is under a roof, so that should it rain you can use the facilities without getting wet.

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